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Sully, Thomas

Born: 1783 AD
Died: 1872 AD
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1783 – Born in Horncastle, England, on the 8th of June.

1792 – In March the Sullys and their nine children immigrated to Richmond, Virginia, where Thomas’s uncle managed a theater.

1801 – Sully became a professional painter at age 18.

1804 – He then returned to Richmond to learn "miniature & Device painting" from his elder brother Lawrence Sully.

1801 – Sully’s own index indicates that he produced 2631 paintings, most of which are currently in the United States.

1809 – He traveled to London for nine months of study under Benjamin West.

1810 – He returned, and made Philadelphia his home.

1837-1838 – He was in London to paint Queen Victoria at the request of Philadelphia’s St. George’s society.

1872 – Sully died in Philadelphia on the 5th of November, where he had spent the majority of his long and successful career. He is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery.


2.9 (58.95%) 19 votes