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Sullivan, Edmund Joseph

Born: 1869 AD
Died: 1933 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Illustrators

1869 – Edmund J. Sullivan was born and learned how to draw from his father, who was an artist. British book illustrator.

1888 – At age 19, Sullivan began his career at The Daily Graphic where he drew mainly portraits and the type of images we see as photographs in our current newspapers.

1893 – He joined the staff of the more prestigious Pall Mall Magazine, a weekly, where he added illustrating fiction to his repertoire.

1895 – The image he did for A London Garland, the first and only publication of the Society of Illustrators founded by Joseph Pennell.

1896 – He illustrated four books: Levengro (45 drawings), The Rivals and The School for Scandal (50 drawings), The Compleat Angler (89 drawings) and Tom Brown’s Schooldays (78 drawings).

1899 – He provided illustrations( at left) for H.G. Wells stories in Pall Mall and even did some writing for the magazine.

1900 – He created A Dream of Fair Women with 40 plates featuring historical and fictional females.

1906 – He also illustrated fabulous tales by Herminie Templeton and others in McClures Magazine in the U.S.

1920 – Sullivan was one of the twenty illustrators invited to contribute to Percy V. Bradshaw’s The Art of the Illustrator.

1922 – He wrote Line, which is his attempt to convey the more technical aspects of his craft, with many examples of his own devising.

1932 – Some of his latest illustrations were done for the famous Joseph Bibby, editor of Bibby’s Annual. Towards the Light at left was done.

1932 – He died.