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Strong, William

Born: 1808 AD
Died: 1895 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Jurist, Politician

1808 – Born on the 6th of May in Somers, Conn., U.S.

1832 – Admitted to the bar.

1847-1851 – Served in the U.S. House of Representatives.

1857-1868 – Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Strong, a Democrat but a firm supporter of the Union, changed his political affiliation and became a Republican.

1870 – On the 7th of February, President Ulysses S. Grant, also a Republican, nominated Strong to succeed the retiring justice Robert C. Grier, a Democrat.

         – The very day that the two appointees were nominated, the Supreme Court announced its decision in Hepburn v. Griswold, a case that involved the constitutionality of the Legal Tender Act.

1895 – Died on the 19th of August in Lake Minnewaska, New York.