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Born: 6300 AD
Died: 2400 AD
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Historian, Philosopher

64 BC – Strabo, was born in a wealthy family from Amaseia in Pontus (modern Amasya Turkey), which had recently become part of the Roman Empire. He was a Greek historian, geographer and philosopher. He is mostly famous for his 17-volume work Geographica, which presented a descriptive history of people and places from different regions of the world known to his era.

44 BC – He states that he saw P. Servilius Isauricus, who died at Rome in advanced years, from which it has been inferred that he visited Rome early in life.

29 BC – He also tells us that he was at Gyaros (one of the Cyclades) when Augustus was at Corinth on his return to Rome from the East.

25 – 24 BC – He accompanied the prefect of Egypt, Aelius Gallus, on his expedlitionto Upper Egypt.

21 AD – The latest event mentioned in his work is the death of Juba, king of Mauretania.

23 – 17 AD – Probably he was then in Rome; the fact that his work passed unnoticed by Roman writers such as the elder Pliny does not prove the contrary.