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Stokes, Edward Harvey

Born: 1955 AD
Currently alive, at 66 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
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1984 – Stokes targeted runaways and other vulnerable youths, racking up six convictions in Washington and Oregon on rape, sodomy, kidnapping and child sex-abuse charges.

         – He once told a therapist that he had abused more than 200 victims.

1995 – Stokes had been arrested at least five times in Washington and Oregon on sex charges. In July, he completed a three-year sentence in Oregon for sex abuse and sodomy.

1996 – His case gained national attention after his release from a prison in California, where he had been serving a life sentence after he was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Seattle runaway.

         – Faced sex abuse charges stemming from the alleged kidnapping of two 24-year-old men in Oregon.

2004 – He was released April 7th from a California prison where he had been serving a life sentence. A court threw out his child molestation conviction because he was unable to confront his accuser, Blue Karak, a teenager he met in Seattle. Karak committed suicide shortly before the case went to trial.

         – Was arrested at a coin-operated laundry in Gresham, Oregon, after a woman recognized him.