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Stirner, Max

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1856 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Philosopher

1806 – Born in Bayreuth, Bavaria onthe25th of  October.

         – He attended the University of Berlin, where he studied Philology, Philosophy and Theology.

1841 – Stirner participated in discussions with a group of young philosophers called "The Free", and whom historians have subsequently categorized as the so-called Young Hegelians.

1842 – Das unwahre Prinzip unserer Erziehung or Humanism and Realism, was published in Rheinische Zeitung, which was edited by Marx at the time.

         – Art and Religion was also Published in Rheinische Zeitung while Marx was editor.

1843 – He married Marie Dähnhardt, an intellectual associated with Die Freien.

1844 – Stirner’s main work is The Ego and Its Own, which appeared in Leipzig.

         – He resigned from his teaching position in anticipation of the controversy arising from his major work’s publication in October.

1856 – Died on the 26th of June.