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Stiller, Benjamin Edward

Born: 1965 AD
Currently alive, at 56 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians, Entertainers

1965 – Benjamin Edward Stiller, born on the 30th of November in New York City. He is an Emmy-winning American comedian, actor, film producer and director.

1975 – He began to shoot his own comic films from the age of ten, cathartic 8 mm epics that found the young man exacting hilarious revenge on the school-yard bullies who tormented him.

1987 – 1989 – He landed bit parts in several features, notably the Steven Spielberg-directed, Tom Stoppard and Menno Meyjes-scripted, opus Empire of the Sun, David Anspaugh’s Fresh Horses, and the John Erman-directed Bette Midler vehicle Stella.

1989 – One of his shorts, a Tom Cruise parody called The Hustler of Money, won him a spot as a writer and player on Saturday Night Live.

1990 – 1992 – The Ben Stiller Show, first on MTV and later on Fox. Tagged as too inventive and unconventional for the majority of viewers, the program, in its first incarnation, offered an impromptu "backstage" look at television comedy.

1994 – He debuted as a feature film director with the twentysomething angst romcom Reality Bites, in which he also starred alongside Winona Ryder and a memorably grungy Ethan Hawke.

1998 – In the smash gross-out comedy There’s Something About Mary, he appeared as the former type, making comic history for outrageous sight gags that involved misplaced bodily fluids and mangled genitalia.

1999 – He starred alongside William H. Macy, Paul Reubens, Hank Azaria, and pal Janeane Garofalo in the buttered popcorn blockbuster Mystery Men, as the leader of a group of unconventional superheroes.

2000 – He starred as a rabbi smitten with the same woman as his best friend, a Catholic priest (Edward Norton), in the well-received romantic comedy Keeping the Faith, which Norton also co-produced and directed.

2001 – He brought one of his most popular MTV Video Music Awards incarnations to the big screen in the outrageously silly male-model comedy Zoolander, in which he successfully teamed with (real-life friend) Owen Wilson to carry stupidity to new heights.

       – He once again teamed with Wes Anderson collaborator Wilson for the widely praised comedy drama The Royal Tenenbaums.

2003 – The busy comedic actor returned to the big screen for the comedy Duplex, directed by Danny DeVit and Along came Polly.

2004 – Electrifying duo of him and Owen Wilson returned to the big screen with director Todd Phillips’ celluloid recycling job Starsky & Hutch.

2006 – Released A Night at the Museum. In this effects-heavy fantasy, adapted from the popular children’s book by Milan Trenc, he plays Larry Daley, the new night watchman at New York City’s Museum of Natural History.

2007 – Meanwhile, he signed on to team with the Farrelly brothers for The Heartbreak Kid, a remake of the Elaine May comedy of the same title.