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Steiner, Rudolf

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1925 AD
Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Novelists, Playwrights, Scholars

1861 – Born on the 25th of February.

1882 – one of Steiner’s teachers at the university in Vienna, Karl Julius Schroer, suggested Steiner’s name to Professor Joseph Kurschner, editor of a new edition of Goethe’s works.

1879-1883 – He attended the Technische Hochschule in Vienna, where he studied mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

1888 – Steiner was invited to come to the Goethe archives in Weimar to become an editor for the official complete edition of Goethe’s works.

1891 – Steiner earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Rostock in Germany with his thesis, later published in expanded form as Truth and Knowledge.

1897 – Steiner left the Weimar archives and moved to Berlin. He became owner, chief editor, and active contributor to the literary journal Magazin für Literatur, where he hoped to find a readership sympathetic to his philosophy.

1899 – Steiner decided to publish an article in the Magazin für Literatur, titled "Goethe’s Secret Revelation", on the esoteric nature of Goethe’s fairy tale.

1904 – Steiner was appointed by Annie Besant to be leader of the Esoteric Society for Germany and Austria.

1906-1914 –  Steiner became leader of a lodge called Mystica Aeterna within the Masonic Order of Memphis and Mizraim, an affiliation that ended around.

1924 – He was too weak to continue; his last lecture was held in September of that year. He died onthe 30th of March.