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Born: 158X AD
Died: 1622 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Commoner

1605 – He was kidnapped and taken by George Weymouth.

1614 – His history picks up, when Captain John Smith and some of other ships under his command arrive to map Cape Cod and vicinity.

1618-1619 – A devastating plague, described variously in historical sources as either tuberculosis or smallpox (and perhaps a combination of both), wiped out the entire village at Patuxet, and many surrounding areas were heavily hit.

         – He survived and somehow found himself passage from Malaga, Spain into England, where he began living with John Slaney in Cornhill, London, and began picking up the English language.

         – Captain Dermer and Tisquantum set off for New England, to attempt to make peace and re-establish trade with the Indians, and to map out the natural resources that could be exploited by the Company.

         – Tisquantum’s return home was just in time for the Mayflower Pilgrims.

1622 – Squanto’s nose began to bleed. He told Governor Bradford it was a sign among the Indians of death. He asked Bradford to pray for him so that he could go to the Englishman’s God in Heaven when he died, and asked Bradford to give various things as gifts to his English friends back at Plymouth. Within a few days, he was dead in Chatham, Massachusetts.