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Spearman, Charles Edward

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1945 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Psychologists

1863 – Born on September 10th in London, England. British psychologist who theorized that a general factor of intelligence, g, is present in varying degrees in different human abilities.

1883 – While serving as an officer in the British army, Spearman came to believe that any significant advance in philosophy would come about mainly through psychology.

1904 – Charles Spearman received his doctorate from Leipzig.

         – He published General Intelligence Objectivity Determined and Measured considered a great landmark in the history of psychology. Spearman speculated that all intellective functioning was underpinned by an overall mental ability accompanied by specific abilities for differing mental tasks.

1911 – He took over the department of experimental psychology only to become Grote Professor of Mind and Logic.

1927-1931 – Wrote the books: The Abilities of Man, then The Nature of Intelligence and the Principles of Cognition and Creative Mind.

1937 – Psychology Down the Ages was the final piece, in it was a complete account of main psychological theories from the beginning of time to his day.

1945 – Died on September 17th in London.