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Sophie Auguste Frederike von Anhalt-Zerbst

Born: 1729 AD
Died: 1796 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Queen

1729 – Born on the 2nd of May in Stettin.

1725 – Catherine, although not descended from any previous Russian emperor, succeeded her husband, following the precedent established when Catherine I succeeded Peter I.


1762 – Deposed Peter III and assumed power.


1763 – Catherine placed StanisBaw Poniatowski, her former lover, on the Polish throne.


1768-1772 –  Engaged war against Turks.


1783 – Annexed Crimea .


1787 – Engaged 2nd war against Turks.


1789 – Catherine rejected many of the principles of the Enlightenment which she once viewed favorably.

1790 – Catherine took a leading role in the partitions of Poland, afraid that the May Constitution of Poland might lead to a resurgence in the power of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and that the growing democratic movements inside the commonwealth might become a threat to the European monarchies.


1795 – Participated in partitions of Poland.


1796 – Died in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 17th of November.