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Born: 1657 AD
Died: 1704 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Monarch, Tsar/Tzar/Czar

1657 – Sophia, Tsarevna Sophia Alexeevna, born on the 27th of September in Moscow, Russia. Regent of Russia. Daughter of Tsar Alexis, she objected to the succession of her half brother Peter I (the Great) as tsar and instigated an uprising by the streltsy (household troops).

1682 – Was widely regarded as ruler and consolidated her authority by successfully quelling the continuation of musketeer unrest during the period known as the Khovanshchina. She began to add her name to those of her brothers in royal edicts and to take part in public ceremonies and receptions, discarding some of the restrictions of the terem.

1686 – The regime’s crowning achievement was the treaty with Poland, which ratified the Treaty of Andrusovo in return for Russia’s agreement to sever relations with the Ottoman empire and enter the Holy League, a stepping-stone toward Russia’s ascendancy over Poland, achieved later in Peter I’s reign. At home, efforts continued to maximize the fulfillment of service requirements and the payment of tax liabilities and to maintain law and order.

1687 – 1689 – Her regime was undermined by the failure of two military campaigns against the Crimea, leading to a standoff provoked by Peter’s supporters.

1698 – The musketeers rebelled again. Rumors circulated that Sophia was the instigator, but the evidence was inconclusive. Nevertheless, Peter forced her to take the veil under the name Susannah.

1704 – Died in the Novodevichy convent in Moscow on the 14th of July.