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Solondz, Todd

Born: 1960 AD
Currently alive, at 61 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Film Director

1959 – Born in Newark, New Jersey on the 15th of October.

1985 – Solondz’s short films was Schatt’s Last Shot.

1989 – He wrote and directed Fear, Anxiety & Depression, an episodic comedy about fledgling playwright Ira and his frustrating interactions with the opposite sex.

1995 – Welcome to the Dollhouse.

1998 – Happiness.

2001 – Solondz released Storytelling. It is a film separated into two parts, entitled "Fiction" and "Nonfiction."

2004 – Solondz’s next film was Palindromes, which became highly controversial among the few moviegoers that actually viewed it during its theatrical release.