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Smith, Richard

Born: 1735 AD
Died: 1803 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers, Politician

1735 – Richard Smith, born on the 22nd of March in Burlington, New Jersey. He was a lawyer and politician who served in the Continental Congress. He was educated under private teachers and in Quaker schools, and studied law.

1762 – He was admitted to the bar and practiced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later in Burlington.

       – He was commissioned county clerk of Burlington on the 7th of December.

1774 – 1776 – He was chosen as a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress.

1776 – He was a member of the New Jersey State council.

1776 – 1777 – He was elected treasurer of New Jersey.

1790 – He moved to Laurens, New York.

1799 – Then moved to Philadelphia.

1803 – Died near Natchez, Mississippi on the 17th of September, and was interred in Natchez Cemetery.