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Smith, John

Born: 1580 AD
Died: 1631 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Captain, Military Officer, Soldier

1580 – John Smith born and baptized in Willoughby Alford, Lincolnshire where his parents rented a farm from Lord Willoughby. He was an English soldier, sailor, and author.

1596 – He lived an adventurous life, traveling, fighting in wars against the Turks in Transylvania and Hungary, and surviving a period of slavery in Turkey.

1606 – Returning to England, he invested in the new London Company and sailed from London for America with Capt. Christopher Newport. On arrival in Virginia, he was named a member of the governing council of the Jamestown settlement, although not permitted to serve immediately, and began his explorations of the surrounding territory.

1608 – After his return to Jamestown, his enemies arrested him, but he was saved from hanging by the arrival of Newport with new settlers.

1609 – He became president of the council and energetically resisted the company’s peremptory demands that the colonists find gold.

       – Injured in an explosion, he returned to England.

1614 – He was sent to New England by a group of London merchants, and returned with a valuable cargo of fish and furs. He emphasized the importance of fishing and upheld the prospects for settlement in New England.

1631 – Died at the age of 51.