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Smith, Gerald L. K.

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1976 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Clergymen

1898 – Born in Pardeeville, Wisconsin on the 27th of February.


1916 – He was ordained as a minister in the Disciples of Christ denomination of Christianity.


1928 – Smith moved to Louisiana, since his wife contracted tuberculosis and Shreveport had a good reputation for helping people with tuberculosis.


1932 – Smith became a friend of Huey Long.


1935 – Long was assassinated, Smith took over the society for a short time.


1936 – The party nominated William Lemke as their Presidential candidate in the election.


        – Founded the Committee of One Million.


1942 – Founded journal "The Cross and the Flag".


1944 – Christian Nationalist Party presidential candidate.


1956 – Smith joined a vociferous campaign against the Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act, the opponents of which claimed that it was a communist or Jewish plot to establish concentration camps in Alaska. 1964


        – He began construction of a planned religious theme park.


1976 – Died on the 15th of April due to pneumonia.