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Smith, Adam

Born: 1723 AD
Died: 1790 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Economists, Philosophers

1723 – Born on the 5th of June of the Julian calendarand was baptized in Kirkcaldy.

1740 – He entered Balliol College, Oxford University.

1746 – He left the university and became a public critic of its process of tenure.

1748 – He began delivering public lectures in Edinburgh under the patronage of Lord Kames.

1751 – Smith was appointed chairman of logic at the University of Glasgow.

1752 – Appointed as Chair of Moral Philosophy, once occupied by his famous teacher, Francis Hutcheson.

         – His lectures covered the fields of ethics, rhetoric, jurisprudence, political economy, and "police and revenue".

1759 – He published his The Theory of Moral Sentiments, embodying some of his Glasgow lectures.

1763 – Smith obtained a lucrative offer from Charles Townshend and Vincent Desiderio to tutor his stepson, the young Duke of Buccleuch.

1764-1766 – He traveled with his pupil, mostly in France, where he came to know intellectual leaders such as Turgot, Jean D’Alembert, André Morellet, Helvétius and, in particular, Francois Quesnay, the head of the Physiocratic school.

1778 – He was appointed to a comfortable post as commissioner of customs in Scotland and went to live with his mother in Edinburgh.

1790 – He died on the 17th of July and was buried in the Canongate Kirkyard, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.