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Smith, Abigail

Born: 1765 AD
Died: 1813 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Socialite

1765 – Abigail "Nabby" Adams Smith, born on the 11th of July in Quincy, Massachusetts. She was the firstborn daughter of Abigail and John Adams. She was named for her mother.

1775 – At the age of 10 she was a mature girl and helped her mother with farm chores while her father and brother were away on diplomatic missions.

1782 – Her neighbors criticized her for being stuck up. Her mother however, was happy her daughter was a mature young woman by the age of seventeen.

1786 – She married Colonel William Stephens Smith and had 3 children, William, John, and Caroline.

1810 – She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery performed in her home without anesthesia, with her family hearing her cries of pain.

1813 – The cancer continued to spread throughout her body, and she died at age 48 on the 15h of August.