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Smirnoff, Karina

Born: 1978 AD
Currently alive, at 42 years of age.
Nationality: Ukrainian
Categories: Dancers

1978 – Born on March 13th in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Ukrainian dancer.

1983 – Started taking ballet lessons.

1992 – Became a naturalized American citizen.

1997 – Competed with Roman Nabatov as an amateur couple for United States.

1998 – Danced as professional couple for England with partner Paul Killick.

2001 – Became one of the most renowned Dance Sport exponents, and has been a Blackpool Dance Festival finalist representing the U.S. with partner Vyacheslav ‘Slavik’ Kryklyvyy.

2004 – Dances an improvised piece in the club scene in "Shall We Dance" with real-life dance partner ‘Vyacheslav ‘Slavik’ Kryklyvyy’, who also played Jennifer Lopez’ new Blackpool Standard partner in the final scenes.

2006 – Won in the Grand-Prix Dynamo in Moscow, Russia.