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Born: 1956 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Actors, Comedians

1956 – He was born on the 10th day of November this year in Michigan, and to the Rev. Dr. Donald and Louise Adkins.


1978 – He attended college between at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, where he lettered two seasons for the basketball team.


1987 – He  landed a role in A Different World, a spin-off of The Cosby Show for Lisa Bonet’s character Denise Huxtable. (Previously, Sinbad appeared in two different one-off roles on The Cosby Show, as a principal and as "Davis Sarrette".)


1991 – He stayed with the cast from this year as "Coach Walter Oakes". In Huxtable attended Hillman College; a fictional traditionally black college, it was modeled off Atlanta’s Spelman College. While Bonet only stayed with the program for a season.


1992 – He host the November 21, 1992 episode of Saturday Night Live, he found small roles in Meteor Man and Coneheads and after a playing a condom in this year’s video Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, and You.


1993 – His popularity had grown enough for FOX to green light The Sinbad Show, which premiered this year.


1995 – He became known this year, appearing on several television series and starring in the feature films Houseguest, First Kid and followed by Jingle All the Way after this year. In addition, he had created a company called "David & Goliath Productions", located in Studio City by that point.[1]


1996 – His film roles also include First Kid and Jingle All the Way . For Jingle All the Way, Sinbad won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Supporting Actor – Family".


1998 – He won an Image award for Sinbad’s Summer Jam III: ’70s Soul Music Festival.


1999 –He was also featured in an infomercial for Tae Bo, where he claimed that he was successfully using the Tae Bo system to become an action star.


2005 – He was host of It’s  Showtime at the Apollo”, returning this year while regular host Monique was on maternity leave.


2006 – He reflected on the program series syndication on cable channel Nick at Night, Sinbad reflected on the program: "The show was a problem. You look back, black shows were just happening… It was not supposed to succeed and it (did). This show was never given the accolades it should have."


2007 – His biography was edited by an anonymous user to include the claim of his death. The incorrect information was soon removed, but a fan spreading the initial rumor included a link to the old (and incorrect) revision of the article.