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Simon, Theodore

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1961 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Psychologists

1872 – Born on the 10th of July in Dijon, France.

1899 – He became an intern at the asylum in Perray-Vaucluse where he began his famous work on abonormal children.

1900 – This research led to Simon’s medical thesis on the topic.

1901 – Simon worked in various hospitals, from Sainte-Anne to Dury-les-Amiens.

1905 – The year during which Simon and Binet made public their famous Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale, the first intelligence measuring device ever devised.

1920 – Simon worked as the head psychiatrist at St. Yon hospital.

1930 – He returned as medical director at Perray-Vaucluse.

1936 – He moved to act as medical director.

         – He was also an editor for Bulletin of Société Alfred Binet.

1961 – Died of natural causes.