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Siegelbaum , Benjamin Hymen

Born: 1906 AD
Died: 1947 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Felon, Gangster

1906 – Born on February 28th in Brooklyn, New York. American gambling businessman and gangster.

         – Took over the construction of the Flamingo Hotel & Casino from the original developer, and promptly ran up massive cost overruns. The fact that most of the money he was spending was mob money, and that much of the huge debts the casino was incurring would most likely never be paid off, are generally considered to be the reasons for his murder.

1929 – Married to Esther Krakower on January 28th.

1946 – A Los Angeles businessman was trying to build a huge luxury hotel and casino to which he was hoping to attract wealthy California movie and businesspeople in Los Angeles, but he was running into financial problems. Siegel, who had been seized the opportunity and bought a controlling interest in the project. He renamed the hotel "The Flamingo", after his nickname for his girlfriend, actress Virginia Hill.

         – The casino finally opened at the end of the year, but the opening was a disaster.

1947 – In March the hotel was finally finished and the casino opened up again, and since gamblers were now able to stay in the hotel and avail themselves of food and entertainment in addition to the gambling, the casino began to make money

         – Died on June 20th in Beverly Hills, California, while sitting on the couch at his home in Beverly Hills when gunmen standing outside his living room window opened fire on him.