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Shreve, Henry Miller

Born: 1785 AD
Died: 1851 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Captain, Naval Officer

1785 – Born in Columbus, New Jersey on the 21st of October.

1788 – On the 7th of July, the Shreves left New Jersey for their new home on property owned by George Washington in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

1814 – He became the captain of the Enterprise, Shreve departed Pittsburgh on the 21st of December, with a load of munitions for General Andrew Jackson to defend New Orleans against an invasion of British forces.

1817 – Shreve took the Washington from New Orleans to Louisville and returned to the Crescent City on the 12th of March.

         – On the 25th of March, Shreve departed New Orleans and piloted the Washington upriver.

         – On the 21st of April, Judge Dominic C. Hall declared that the court did not have jurisdiction and hence dismissed all of the suits.

1826 – Shreve was appointed Superintendent of Western River Improvements and charged with finding a solution to this problem.

1821 – He had been working on a design for a "snagboat".

1827 – He finally had it built.

1832 – Shreve was ordered by Secretary of War Lewis Cass to clear the Great Raft, 150 miles of dead wood on the Red River.

1839 – Shreve successfully removed the Raft.

1841 – Shreve was relieved of his superintendent’s duties by the nominally Whig U.S. President John Tyler.

1851 – Died on the 6th of March in the home of his son-in-law, Walker Randolph Carter, and is interred in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.