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Shabeer Ahmad

Born: 1988 AD
Currently alive, at 33 years of age.

1988 – Born on August  18th in Kabul, Afghanistan.

2006 – Started working in Qiam Film Production as video editor and video producer.

2008 – Working in Sayara Media & Communication as a Post production editor until date.

Five years extensive experience as award winning in sayara M&C & QFP. I am skilled at independently developing stories from raw footage. 

1- Recently we have successfully passed a very big project of USAID-DPK in Sayara Media & Communications, Raising public legal awareness and encouraging citizens to resolve disputes through the formal justice sector, the focal points were Children Life, Women Situation, Rule of Law, Procedure of Capturing and Corruption. And format were: TV Magazines, TV Dramas, TV PSAs. 2- We had Most of MCN Projects, the focal points were working against narcotics, Pre-Planting events and capacity buildings. The formats are: Dramas, PSAs, Training Videos.  3- Documentaries for EMG, HLP, MCN, UNDP Seal & DAI Organizations. 4- TV talk shows For IFES from four provinces(Balkh, Kandahr, Herat, Nangarhar).

4- PSAs for Presidential election and Parliamentary Election. 



film, video editing, videographer, photography.

I edit with Final Cut Pro 7-X and AVID, and work intermediate with Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D. 



Post Production Manager

Sayara Media & Communication

Mob: +93786512727