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Scott, Dred

Born: 1795 AD
Died: 1858 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Slave

1795 – He was born this year in Southampton County, Virginia.


1830 – He and the Blow family moved in this year to St. Louis, Missouri, where, because of financial problems, the Blow family sold Scott to Dr. John Emerson, a doctor for the United States Army.


1842 – Emerson traveled extensively in Illinois and the Wisconsin Territories, where the Northwest Ordinance prohibited slavery. During those travels with Emerson, Scott met and married Harriet Robinson, and Emerson met and married Irene Sanford. The Scotts and the Emerson returned to Missouri in this year.


1846 – Emerson died, John F.A. Sanford, brother of the widow Irene Sanford Emerson, became executor of the Emerson estate. Scott filed suit to obtain his freedom in this year.


1847 – He went to trial this year, in a state courthouse in St. Louis. The Blow family financed his legal wrangling. Scott lost the first trial, but the presiding judge granted a second trial because hearsay evidence had been introduced.


1850 – A jury decided the Scotts should be freed under the Missouri doctrine of "once free, always free." The widow, Irene Sanford Emerson, appealed.


1852 – The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the lower court ruling, saying, "Times now are not as they were when the previous decisions on this subject were made." The Scotts were returned to their masters as chattel once more.


1857 – After the ruling, Scott was returned as property to the widow Emerson. In this year, she remarried. Because her second husband opposed slavery, Emerson returned Dred Scott and his family to his original owners, the Blow family.


1858 – He was granted with his freedom. However, he died after a few months from tuberculosis on 17th of September this year.


1997 – He and his wife were inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame.