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Schweitzer, Albert

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1965 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Founder, Missionaries, Musicians, Philosophers

1875 – He was born on the 14th day of January this year.


1953 – He received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy of "reverence for life"


1906 – He published his first major work, “The quest of the Historical Jesus.”


1908 – He advocated this new style, which has had great influence in the way Bach’s music is now being treated.


1911 – He established his reputation further as a New Testament scholar with other theological studies including his medical degree dissertation, Psychiatric Study of Jesus.


1913 – He went there with his wife to establish a hospital near an already existing mission post.


1914 – He was a German in a French colony.


1918 – He was a free man again, and while working as a medical assistant and assistant-pastor in Strasburg, he was able to finish the book.


1924 – He returned to Lambaréné, where he managed to rebuild the decayed hospital, after which he resumed his medical practices.


1939 – He stayed in Lambaréné, unable to go back to Europe in war.


1948 – He returned for the first time to Europe and kept traveling back and forth (and once to the USA) as long as he could until his death in 1965.


1952 – He worked against nuclear tests and nuclear weapons with Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell.


1957 – He was one of the founders of The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy.


1958 – He broadcast four speeches over Radio Oslo which were published in Peace or Atomic War.


1965 – He died on the 4th day of September this year in Lambaréné, Gabon.