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Schindler, Oskar

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1974 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Humanitarian, Industrialist

1908 – He was born on the 28th day of April of this year in Zwittau, Austria-Hungary now Svitavy, Czech Republic.


1928 – On the 6th day of March this year, Schindler married Emilie Pelzl, daughter of Josef and Maria Pelzl. The marriage was childless.


1938 – He was exposed and jailed in July of this year, but after the Munich Agreement, he was set free as a political prisoner.


1939 – In this year, he joined the Nazi Party. One source contends that he also continued with work for Abwehr, paving the way for the German invasion of Poland on September 1 of this year. An opportunistic businessperson, he was one of many who sought to profit from the German invasion of Poland in this year. He gained ownership of a factory in Kraków from a Jewish industrialist named Nathan Wurzel.


1944 – By the autumn of this year, Germany’s hold on Poland had weakened. As the Russian army approached, the Nazi’s tried desperately to complete their program of liquidation and sent all remaining Jews to die. However, Schindler remained true to the “Schindlerjuden,” the workers he referred to as “my children.”


1948 – He immigrated to Argentina, where he went bankrupt.


1958 – He returned to Germany this year, he had a series of unsuccessful business ventures. He settled down in a little apartment at Am Hauptbahnhof Nr. 4 in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany and tried again with help from a Jewish organization to establish a cement factory.He abandoned his land, his wife, and his mistress to return to Germany.


1961 – This too, went bankrupt in this year. His business partner cancelled their partnership.


1974 – Oskar Schindler died in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 9th day of October this year, at the age of 66. He was buried at the Catholic Cemetery at Mount Zion in Jerusalem.