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Schiele, Egon

Born: 1890 AD
Died: 1918 AD
Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Painters


1890 – He was born on the 12th day of June this year in Tulle, Austria. He attended school in Krems and Klosterneuburg.


1906 – He enrolled in the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Vienna.


1907 – He met Gustav Klimt, who encouraged him and influenced his work.


1909 – He left the Academy and founded the Neukunstgruppe with other discontented students.


1910 – He began a long friendship with the collector Heinrich Benesch. By this time, he had developed a personal expressionist portrait and landscape style. He participated in various group exhibitions, including those of the Neukunstgruppe in Prague.


1911 – He left Vienna to live in several small villages. He focuses increasingly on self-portraits and allegories of life, death, and sex and produced erotic watercolors.


1912 – He was arrested for "immortality" and "seduction"; during his 24-day imprisonment.


1913 – He had his first solo show. 


1914 – His first solo exhibition of his work took place in Paris.


1918 – His show at the Vienna Secession brought him critical acclaim and financial success. He died several months later in Vienna, at age 28, on October 31 of this year due to influenza.