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Savonarola, Girolamo

Born: 1452 AD
Died: 1498 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Martyr

1452 – Born on September 21st in Ferrara, Duchy of Ferrara. Italian Christian preacher, reformer, and martyr, renowned for his clash with tyrannical rulers and a corrupt clergy.

1475 – He left his father’s house and his medical studies, on which he had embarked after taking a degree in the liberal arts, to enter the Dominican order at Bologna.

1482 – Savonarola was sent to Florence to take up the post of lecturer in the convent of San Marco, where he gained a great reputation for his learning and asceticism.

1485-1486 – At San Gimignano in Lent, he put forward his famous propositions: the church needed reforming; it would be scourged and then renewed.

1487 – He left Florence to become master of studies in the school of general studies at Bologna.

1490 – Savonarola preached boldly against the tyrannical abuses of the government.

1494 – After the overthrow of the Medici, Savonarola was the sole leader of Florence, setting up a democratic republic.

         – Medici rule did not long survive Lorenzo and was overthrown by the invasion of Charles VIII.

1498 – Died on May 23rd in Florence.