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Savage, Richard

Born: 1660 AD
Died: 1712 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Politician, Soldier

1660 – Richard Savage was born.
1686-1681 – He entered Parliament as member for Wigan and procured a commission in the Horseguards under Sarsfield.

1698 – He served with distinction in the Williamite war in Ireland and in the Netherlands. and was made Major General.

1694 – He succeeded his father as 4th Earl Rivers.

1702 – Lieutenant General.

1706 – He served abroad under Marlborough, who formed a high opinion of his military capacity and who recommended him for the command of a force for an invasion of France.

1710 – The favour shown him by Marlborough did not deter Rivers from paying court to the Tories when it became evident that the Whig ascendancy was waning, and his appointment as constable of the Tower on the recommendation of Harley and without Marlborough’s knowledge was the first unmistakable intimation to the Whigs of their impending fall.

         – Rivers now met with marked favour at court, being entrusted with a delicate mission to the Elector of Hanover.

1711 – His appointment as Master-General of the Ordnance, a post hitherto held by Marlborough himself.

1712 – In June, Rivers was promoted to the rank of General, and became commander-in-chief in England.

         – He died a few weeks later, on the 18th of August.