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Savage, Edward

Born: 1761 AD
Died: 1817 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Portrait Painter

1761 – He was an American portrait painter and engraver born this year in Princeton, Massachusetts.

1790 – He first worked as a goldsmith, also practicing engraving. Although seemingly untrained in painting, he came into prominence in this year through his portrait of Washington, intended as a gift to Harvard University.

1791 – He visited London, where he studied for a time under West, and then went to Italy.

1794 – Upon his return to the United States in this year, he practiced in Philadelphia and New York, maintain for several years a picture gallery and art museum in Water Street, New York. He also married Sarah Seaver in Boston.

1795 – He exhibited the first panorama ever seen in that city, and he apparently remained in Philadelphia publishing prints at intervals until 1801.

1796 – He is principally known, however, by a large portrait group, "The Washington Family" comprising George Washington, his wife, and two of the latter’s grandchildren, in the collection formed by William F. Havemeyer, New York.


1802 – He then seemingly went to New York and from there to Massachusetts, as his fifth child was born in New York in this year and his sixth child in Princeton in 1805.


1812 – During the early part of the century Savage became interested in a museum in Boston, called the New York Museum, part painting gallery and part museum, which was opened in Boylston Hall in this year.


1817 – He passed away this year in Princeton, New Jersey.