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Samuel Huntington

Born: 1731 AD
Died: 1796 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Jurist, Lawyers

1731 – Born in Windham, Connecticut on the 3rd of July.


1754 – He was admitted to the bar, and moved to Norwich, Connecticut to begin practicing law.

1761 – He married Martha Devotion.


1764 – Huntington began his political career in earnest when Norwich sent him as one of their representatives to the Connecticut Assembly.


1765 – His practice and role in the assembly, Governor Fitch named him the King’s attorney.


1774 – He continued to be returned to that office each year.


1775 – Huntington was an outspoken critic of the Coercive Acts of the British Parliament. As a result, the assembly elected him on October, to become one of their delegates in the Continental Congress.


1776 – On January, he took his place with Roger Sherman and Oliver Wolcott as the Connecticut delegation in Philadelphia. He voted to support, and later signed the Declaration of Independence.

1778 – He held this office continually, and for that last year he was the Chief Justice.


1785 – He was elected as Lieutenant Governor for Connecticut, serving with Governor Matthew Griswold.


1786 – He followed Griswold as Governor of Connecticut, and was reelected annually.


1788 – He presided over the Connecticut Convention that was called to ratify the United States Constitution.

1796 – Died on the 5th of January.