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Born: 1138 AD
Died: 1193 AD
Nationality: Turkish
Categories: Soldier

1138 – He was born on this year into a Kurdish, family in Tirkit.


1169 – He eventually succeeded the defeated faction and his uncle as vizier in this year.


1170 – He retreated from an invasion of the Kingdom of Jerusalem on this year.


1171 – He had the imams pronounce the name of Al-Mustadi, the Sunni and, more importantly, Abbassid caliph in Baghdad, at sermon before Friday prayers; authority simply deposed the old line in the month of September on this year.


1174 – He assumed the title of sultan in Egypt on this year with Nur ad-Din’s death.


1176 – He managed to impose his influence and authority on them in this year. And on the same year the elite shadowy assassin group attempted to murder him.


1177 – He was defeated by the combined forces of Baldwin IV of Jerusalem on the 25th day of November on this year, Raynald of Chatillon and the Knights Templar. Only one tenth of his army made it back to Egypt.


1179 – He spent the subsequent year recovering from his defeat and rebuilding his army, renewing his attacks in this year. He also captured the castle at Bait al-Ahazon and approximately 700 prisoners were taken and executed on the 29th day of August of this year.


1183 – He besieged Kerak, Raynald’s fortress in Oultrejordain, in this year until 1184.


1187 – He conquered most of the Kingdom of Jerusalem on this year and on the 4th day of July on the same year, he faced at the Battle of Hattin the combined forces Guy of Lusignan, King consort of Jerusalem, and Raymond III of Tripoli.


1188 – He released Guy of Lusignan and returned him to his wife, Queen Sibylla of Jerusalem on this year.


1189 – He sought to reclaim Tire for their kingdom on this year. However, Conrad who did not recognize Guy as King refused him admission.


1191 – His army met King Richard I of England at the Battle of Arsuf on the 7th day of September of this year at which he was defeated.


1193 – He died on the 4th day of March of this year at Damascus, not long after Richard’s departure.