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Sakmann, Bert

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 79 years of age.
Nationality: German
Categories: Biologists

1942 – Born in Stuttgart on the 12th of June.

1961 – Sakmann enrolled in Volksschule in Lindau, and completed the Wagenburg gymnasium in Stuttgart.

1967 – He studied medicine in Tübingen, Freiburg, Berlin, Paris and Munich.

1968 – He became a medical assistant at Munich University, while also working as a scientific assistant at Munich’s Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie, in the Neurophysiology Department under Otto Detlev Creutzfeldt.

1971 – He moved to University College, London, where he worked in the Department of Biophysics under Bernard Katz.

1974 – He completed his medical dissertation, under the title Elektrophysiologie der neuralen Helladaptation in der Katzenretina in the Medical Faculty of Göttingen University.

1979 – Sakmann joined the membrane biology group.

1987 – He received the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, which is the highest honour awarded in German research.

1991 – He received the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine together with Erwin Neher, with whom he had worked in Göttingen.

         – Sakmann is the founder of the Bert-Sakmann-Stiftung.