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Sai Wing Mock

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1942 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Felon, Gangster

1879 – Sai Wing Mock, born this year. He was a New York Chinese criminal and leader of the Hip Sing Tong, who replaced the On Leong Tong as the dominant Chinese-American Tong in the Manhattan Chinatown

1890 – Arrived in the United States, settling in New York’s Chinatown where he formed the Hip Sing Tong, a minor criminal organization.

1900 – Demanded half of Lee’s revenue from his illegal gambling operations. When Lee refused, within 48 hours, he declared a Tong war against the On Leongs setting one of Lee’s boarding houses of fire which resulted in the deaths of two men.

1906 – A truce between the warring Tongs was signed, the Hip Sings and the On Leongs would again be at war the following year.

1909 – 1910 – He who had begun consolidating his power, finally defeated Lee during the "Bow Kum" Tong wars.

1912 – Although arrested several times during the next decade, during which time a number of attempts were made on his life, he was convicted only once and served two years imprisonment in Sing Sing Prison for operating a policy game.

1932 – Agreed in an arraignment with the US and Chinese governments to declare a peace among the Tongs of Chinatown.

1941 – Died on the 23rd of July in Brooklyn, New York.