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Sabbatai Zevi

Born: 1626 AD
Died: 1676 AD
Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Religious Icon

1626 – Born on the 22th of July. A radical dreamer and proclaimed himself as "The Messiah".


1648 – With his knowledge of the "Kabbalah" he gained himself a band of followers.


         – Proclaimed himself as the true "Messianic" redeemer deisgnated by God to overthrow the governments and restore the kingdom of Israel.


1651 – He and his disciples were banished from Symrna.


1658 – In Constantinople he met a preacher Abrahan ha-yakini, who confirmed Sabbatai.


1666 – Left Symrna again for Constantinople for two uncertain reasons: He was compelled by the authorities or on the hope that a miracle would happen in the Turkish capital to fulfil the prophecy of Nathan Ghazzati that Sabbatai would place the sultan’s crown on his own head.