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Rwigema, Pierre Celestin

Born: 1953 AD
Currently alive, at 67 years of age.
Nationality: Rwandan
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers

1988-1993 – An economist by education was the General Manager of a private printing company.


1994 – Prior to the genocide, Rwigema was a member of the moderate faction of the MDR political party and supported power sharing between tutsis and hutus.


1994-1995 – Rwigema was appointed Minister of education in post-genocide Rwandan government


1995-2000 – Rwigema served as chairman of the MDR political party as well as Prime Minister of Rwanda.


2000 – 2011 He announced his resignation and three months after he fled to the United States to seek political asylum. Shortly after his depart some elements in the leadership of Rwanda accused him of potential involvement in the 1994 genocide; however these claims were found to be politically motivated and unfounded; which were later refuted by the judicial process in Rwanda as well in the United States where Rwigema won his case of political asylum in United States Immigration Court, with subsequent removal of the warrant arrest. Rwigema returned to Rwanda in 10/2011. In 5/2012, Rwigema was elected to represent Rwanda in the East African Community Legislative Assembly (EAC).