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Rundgren, Todd

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 73 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Musicians, Producers, Singer, Songwriter

1948 – He was born on the 22nd day of June this year in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.


1967 – He began his career in Woody’s Truck Stop, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based group based on the model of Paul Butterfield Blues Band. However, he wanted to pursue a more pop/rock-oriented sound, and left the band to form the garage rock group The Nazz in this year.


1969 – He left The Nazz; he alternated production work for other groups with his career as a solo artist. His first solo project was 1970’s Runt, which was followed by two highly acclaimed albums, 1971’s Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren and 1972’s Something/Anything?.


1976- This year, his album Faithful marked a return to the pop/rock genre, featuring one side of original songs and one side of covers of significant songs from 1966, such as "Good Vibrations" and the Yardbirds’ "Happening Ten Years Time Ago"


1986 – He composed music for the 1986 TV series Peewee’s Playhouse and Crime Story.


1987 – He also composed music for the movie "Undercover" (a/k/a "Under Cover") in this year.


1989 – He made a live recording of “Nearly Human” this year.


1991 – He made a second live recording with his song “2nd Wind”. It also included several excerpts from his musical Up Against It, which was adapted from the screenplay (originally titled "Prick Up Your Ears") that British playwright Joe Orton had originally offered to The Beatles for their never-made follow-up to Help!.


1993 – The next few years saw him re-inventing himself again, recording under the pseudonym TR-i ("Todd Rundgren interactive") for two albums. The first of these, 1993’s No World Order, consisted of hundreds of seconds-long snippets of music that could be seamlessly combined in various ways to suit the listener.


1994 – He composed a song for the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.


2000 – He returned to recording under his own name for With a Twist, an album of bossa-nova covers of his older material. His Patronet work, which trickled out to subscribers over more than a year, was released in this year as One Long Year.


2004 – He released Liars, a concept album about "paucity of truth" that features a mixture of his older and newer sounds. Ted Moon attended the concert at the Roxy in Atlanta Georgia and was a member of the "wedding couple" that evening.