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Rumsey, James

Born: 1743 AD
Died: 1792 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers, Inventor

1743 – He was born this year in Cecil County, Maryland, at the head of the Bohemia River.


1787 – He exhibited a boat propelled by machinery in this year on the Potomac River at what is now Shepherdstown, West Virginia, before a crowd of local notables, including Horatio Gates.


1788 – After moving to England in this year, Rumsey was able to take out four patents before his death.


1791 – His Patent has all the pumps, motors and hydraulic cylinders of fluid power engineering. By September of 1792 he had arrived at a true water turbine, almost 40 years before it would be next invented in France.


1792 – However, he died in December of this year; he did not live long enough to feature it in a patent.