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Rubens, Peter Paul

Born: 1577 AD
Died: 1640 AD
Nationality: Belgian
Categories: Diplomat, Painters

1577 – He was born on the 28th day of June this year in Siegen, Westphalia.


1589 – He and his mother returned to Antwerp, where he was baptized a Catholic.


1600 – He went to Italy, settling in Mantua where he worked as a court painter to the duke Vincenzo I of Gonzaga.


1603 – He studied ancient Roman art and learned by copying the works of the Italian masters. His mature style was profoundly influenced by Titian.


1604 – He worked as a diplomat in Spain, combining art and diplomacy as he would throughout his career.


1608 – He returned to Antwerp.


1610 – He moved into a new house and studio that he designed, which is now the Rubenshuis museum.


1616 – He is known for the frenetic energy and lusty ebullience of his paintings, as typified by the Hippopotamus Hunt.

1640 – He died on the 30th day of May this year.