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Rosalia Luxemburg

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1919 AD
Nationality: Polish
Categories: Critics, Philosopher, Political Activists

1871 – Rosalia Luxemburg, born on the 5th of March in Zamosc, Poland. She was a Polish-born Marxist political theorist, socialist philosopher, and revolutionary.

1887 – She passed her Abitur.

1889 – After fleeing to Switzerland from imminent detention, she attended Zurich University, along with other socialist figures such as Anatoli Lunacharsky and Leo Jogiches.

1890 – Bismarck’s laws against social democracy were annulled and the SPD was legally able to gain seats in the Reichstag.

1893 – Along with Leo Jogiches and Julian Marchlewski (alias Julius Karski), she founded the newspaper Sprawa Robotnicza ("The Workers’ Cause"), in opposition to the nationalist policies of the Polish Socialist Party.

1898 – Obtained German citizenship by her marriage to Gustav Lübeck, and moved to Berlin.

1900 – Voiced her opinions on current economic and social problems in various newspaper articles all over Europe.

1907 – Kept up her political activities; she took part in the Russian Social Democrats’ Fifth Party Day in London, where she met Vladimir Lenin.

1912 – Her position as a representative of the SPD took Luxemburg to European Socialists congresses such as that in Paris.

1914 – Together with Karl Liebknecht and some others, such as Clara Zetkin and Franz Mehring, Luxemburg created the Internationale group.

1916 – She was sentenced to two and a half years’ imprisonment, at almost the same time as Karl Liebknecht.

1918 – She was released from prison in WrocBaw on the 8th of November and Liebknecht had also recently been freed and reorganised the Spartacus League.

1919 – She was murdered on the 15th of January in Berlin, Germany.