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Rosa, Salvator

Born: 1615 AD
Died: 1673 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1615 – Born in Arenella, in the outskirts of Naples either 20th of June or 21st of July.

1634-1636 – He continued apprenticeship with Falcone, aiding him complete his battlepiece canvases. In that studio, it is said that Lanfranco took notice of his work, and advised him to relocate to Rome, where he stayed.

1638-1639 – He returned to Rome, where he was housed by Cardinal Francesco Maria Brancaccio,

1639 – He had had to relocate to Florence, where he stayed for 8 years.

1646 – He returned to Naples, and appears to have sympathised with the insurrection of Masaniello, as a passage in one of his satires suggests.

1649 – He returned to stay in Rome.

1673 – Died on the 15th of March.