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Roosevelt, Edith Kermit

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1948 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: First Ladies

1861 – Born on August 6th in Connecticut, daughter of Charles and Gertrude Tyler Carow. Edith Kermit Carow was Theodore Roosevelt’s second wife, but his only First Lady.

1885 – Theodore proposed and Edith accepted on November 17th.

1886 – Married to Theodore Roosevelt.

1889 – They moved to Washington when Benjamin Harrison appointed Theodore Roosevelt Civil Commissioner.

1901 – She became the First Lady of the United States.

1902 – She found the White House antiquated, she had the firm of the McKim, Mead and White draw up house prints to restore the White House to its 18th Century style.

1910 – She joined Theodore in Europe for the funeral of King Edward III.

1918 – The death of her youngest son who served in World War I filled her with grief

1919 – After the death of Theodore from a heart attack after D-Day, she traveled abroad but always returned to Sagamore Hill as her home.

1932 – She wrote about her family (the Tylers and the Carows), watched her children’s careers grow and spoke out for Herbert Hoover.

1948 – She died on September 30th, at the age of 87.