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Rojas Pinilla, Gustavo

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1975 AD
Nationality: Colombian
Categories: Soldier

1900 – Born on March 12th in Tunja, Colombia. A professional soldier and dictator of Colombia whose corrupt and authoritarian regime converted his nationwide popularity into united national hostility.

1920 – Graduated from the Colombian Military Academy.

1924-1933 – Rojas Pinilla earned a civil engineering degree in the United States while on inactive military status.

1948 – He also played a role in suppressing the riots that followed the assassination of the left-wing leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in April.

1951-1952 – He then rose rapidly in the army to the rank of lieutenant general, represented Colombia at several international conferences, and was a member of the Inter-American Defense Board.

1953 – After the brutal and authoritarian regime of President Laureano Gómez, the Colombian people welcomed the seizure of power by Rojas Pinilla.

1957 – Appointed a military junta to rule in his place, he left for the United States in May.

1958-1959 – When he returned to Colombia in October, he was impeached, and in April he lost his civil rights.

1962 – He re-entered politics and won 2.5 percent of the votes for president.

1967-1970 – A Colombian court ruled that he could not be deprived of his civil rights, and he ran again for president.

1975 – Died on January 17th in Bogota.