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Roebling, John Augustus

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1869 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers

1806 – Born on the 12th of June in Mühlhausen.  

1826 – He studied architecture and engineering under Rabe and Sluter, bridge construction and foundation construction under Dietleyn, hydraulics under Eytelwein, languages, and philosophy, graduating in with a degree in Civil Engineering.

1831 – On the 22nd of May, Roebling left Germany with his brother Karl and 40 friends and acquaintances.

         – This period in European history left Prussia with a great deal of political unrest, as authoritarian governments traded places with democratic ones. John and Karl, along with the people who accompanied them on the trans-Atlantic journey, purchased 1582 acres of land on the 28th of October, in Butler County, Pennsylvania and established a settlement, called Saxonburg.

1844 – Roebling won a bid to replace the wooden canal aqueduct across the Allegheny River.

1848 – Roebling undertook the construction of four suspension aqueducts on the Delaware and Hudson Canal. During this period, he moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

1851 – Roebling’s next project, was a railroad bridge connecting the New York Central and Great Western Railway of Canada over the Niagara River, which would take four years.

1858 – Roebling started another suspension bridge at Pittsburgh, this one of 1,030 feet, divided into two spans of 344 feet each, and two side spans of 171 feet each.

1867 – Roebling started design work on Brooklyn Bridge spanning the East River in New York.

1869 – Died on the 22nd of July.