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Roberto Durán

Born: 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.
Nationality: Panamanian
Categories: Boxer

1951 – Born – June 16, is a famous boxer from Guarare, Panamá, and is generally regarded as the greatest lightweight boxer of all-time.


1972-1989 – He held world titles at four different weights – lightweight (1972-79), welterweight (1980), junior middleweight (1983-84) and middleweight (1989). He was also the only boxer to have fought in five different decades.


1979 – Durán appeared in the sequel Rocky II as a lightning fast sparring partner for Rocky Balboa.


1980 – Vacating the title was a build up for an attempt at the welterweight title. He fought for the welterweight title in June, and beat Sugar Ray Leonard via a 15-round unanimous decision. In the November re-match, however, Durán shockingly quit. In round 8, Durán turned around, walked to his corner and gave up, supposedly saying the now famous words, "no más." However he really said, "No quiero pelear con el payaso." (Meaning "I do not want to fight with this clown.") Referee Octavio Meyran, perhaps as incredulous as was the rest of the world at what he was seeing, asked Durán if he was sure, and Durán then said, "No más, no más." In violation of what any professional fighter does on the day of a fight, Durán gorged himself after the weigh-in, claimed he quit because he was having stomach cramps. The controversy regarding this bout continues to this day.


1980-1982 – He took some time to recover from that fight, gaining even more weight to contend for the WBC world junior middleweight title, but losing in his first attempt at a championship in that division on the January 30 of 1982, against Wilfred Benitez by a 15 round unanimous decision.


1989 – Duran moved up to super middleweight for a third clash with Sugar Ray Leonard in December (a fight dubbed Uno Más by promoters), but lost in a decision. Duran seemed to be in decline after the fight, he attempted to win further middleweight titles in 1994, 1995 and 1996 (fighting for the minor IBC belt).


2000 – In June, he won a minor super middleweight title from Pat Lawlor.


2002 – He finally retired in January, at age 50 (having previously retired in 1998) following a bad car crash in October 2001, with a professional record of 120 fights, 104 wins with 69 KOs. He was nicknamed Manos de Piedra (Hands of Stone). Up until the second Ray Leonard fight, he was trained by legendary boxing trainer Ray Arcel.


                  – married to Felicidad (four children)


2002 – he was chosen by The Ring Magazine to be the 5th greatest fighter of the last 80 years.