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Robert Ford

Born: 1860 AD
Died: 1892 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Cowboy, Felon, Murderer

1860 – Born on January 31, in Ray County, Missouri,


1879 – Bob joined the James Gang in 1879.  Mostly a "hanger-on" he did odd jobs and held the horses for the gang during robberies. 


1882 – When an argument erupted between gang members Wood Hite and Dick Liddell in January, it quickly turned to gunplay with Hite shooting Liddell in the right thigh and Liddell striking Hite’s arm. 

Calming watching, Ford, a close friend of Liddell’s, fired a single bullet at Hite, striking him in the head. 


1882 – it would be the killing of Jesse James on April 3,  that would gain him the most attention, though not the kind he wished for.  At first he was charged with murder of both Hite and James and sentenced to hang. However, he was quickly pardoned by the governor of Missouri


        -Though Ford tried to profit from the killing by taking the stage, he was ostracized as a traitor and forever took on the moniker "dirty little coward."




1892 – Ford himself was shot and killed by Ed O. Kelly while running a tent saloon in Creede, Colorado on June 8, 

Ford’s body was returned to Richmond, Missouri where he is interred in the Richmond City Cemetery.




1965 – In the Bob Dylan song "Outlaw Blues" Ford is named in the line, "Well I look like a Robert Ford/But I feel just like a Jesse James".