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Robert Emil Schmidt

Born: 1917 AD
Died: 1998 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians, Entertainers

1917 – Robert Emil Schmidt, born on the 27th of November in Buffalo, New York. He was the host of the popular children’s show Howdy Doody.

1947 – With Stone and Roger Muir as producers, he launched Puppet Playhouse on 17th of December. Within a week the name of the program was changed to The Howdy Doody Show.

1948 – The new Howdy, who premiered in March was an all-American boy with red hair, forty-eight freckles (one for each state in the Union), and a permanent smile.

1949 – The first Howdy Doody comic book was published by Dell and the first Howdy Doody record was released, selling 30,000 copies in its first week.

1998 – Died on the 30th of July in Hendersonville in North Carolina.