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Robbe-Grillet, Alain

Born: 1922 AD
Currently alive, at 99 years of age.
Nationality: French
Categories: Authors, Film Director, Writers

1922 – Born on August 18th  in Brest, France. A representative writer and leading theoretician of the nouveau roman (“new novel”), the French “anti-novel” that emerged in the 1950s. He also became a screenwriter and film director.

1945 – He graduated from the Paris-based Institut National Agronomique (National Institute of Agronomy) and embarked on a career of scientific research in the tropics and in France.

1953-1955 – Received considerable critical attention about his first two novels, The Erasers and The Voyeur, Robbe-Grillet wrote several essays and articles about the novel and the need for a new vision of the novel.

1957 – Married to Catherine Rstakian on October 23rd.

1963 – His essays were compiled into a book called Por une nouveau roman or For a New Novel.

1965 – Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

1975 – The visual nature of Robbe-Grillet’s books continue in his later novels, of which the collaborative novel La Belle Captive, a novel written by Robbe-Grillet with paintings and illustrations by the surrealist René Margritte, is a perfect example where art informs art and the two mediums color the "reading" of each other.

1995 – Robbe-Grillet finished a trilogy: a fictional autobiography.