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Ritchie, Guy Stuart

Born: 1968 AD
Currently alive, at 52 years of age.
Nationality: British
Categories: Film Director

1968 – Born on September 10th in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. English film director.

1983 – Ritchie was expelled from Stanbridge Earls School at the age of 15. He is dyslexic, and the school is one of the most prominent institutions specializing in dyslexia in the UK.

1995 – Ritchie got a job as a runner and this proved to be the start of his film career.

         – He quickly progressed and was directing music promos for bands and commercials.

         – The profits that he made from directing these promos was invested into writing and making the film, "The Hard Case".

1998 – His first full-length feature was the successful "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels", "Recalling Quentin Tarantino", "The Sting", and "The Italian Job", the film was widely praised for its wit.

2000 – Married to Madonna on December 22nd.

         – Received an Edgar Allan Poe Award Best Motion Picture for the film "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrel".

         – Directed the films, "Revolver", "Snatch", and "Swept Away".

2006 – He and his wife Madonna adopted one-year-old boy named David from Malawi.

2007 – Crown Publishing canceled a tell-all book deal, thought to be worth 5 million dollars, with Madonna and Ritchie’s former nanny Melissa Dumas.

2008 – He has a forthcoming movie “Suspect”.